Wolffs Revier (1992)

Wolffs Revier (1992)
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The main character of the series is detective chief inspector Andreas Wolff, working together with his Partner Günther Sawatzki at the Department of crimes against people homicide in Berlin. The series plays in an ever-growing Berlin after the reunification, Wolff and Sawatzki are even a West-to-East-investigator pair. Together they solve the crimes, such as murders or abductions, with the support of the state's attorney Dr. Peter Fried. In 1999, Dr. Fried comes to Cologne, to work as a judge. Wolff's Partner Sawatzki is shot in pursuit of a bag thief on the open road shot and dies later in the hospital. A little later, Wolff gets a new, younger Partner named Thomas Borkmann that comes along later with his daughter Verena. Verena is at the beginning of the series is 14 years old and goes to school. Her parents, Wolff and his former wife, Ellen, are divorced, but still very good. Verena lives with her father and makes him more than once in Trouble. When she is older, she is pregnant and gets a son called Luis. The father is unknown.

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