Verbotene Liebe (1989)

Verbotene Liebe (1989)
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The thirteen-year-old Barbara and the eighteen-year-old high school student, Georg have known each other for a long time. They are neighbors and they get on well. The friendship led to a deep love grows with time. Since Barbara is still a minor, this relationship is in the eyes of the environmentally objectionable. After the two have slept for the first Time in a vacant house, think even a few young people, you could see Barbara as a free wild and try to rape her. Even with the parents there are big problems. Especially the fathers of the two have been enemies for a long time. George's father came up with a campaign in the early GDR, "workers in the country" in the village, which is ideal given way to extremism now, however lethargy to bitterness, especially in the light of the material achievements of Barbara's father (the neighbors). This one is mainly interested in money, otherwise unsympathetic to the primitive. Finally this has found a way of compromising adversaries, "Enjoyed", and shows Georg for abuse of a Minor. In school, there is little understanding. The school Director will initiate disciplinary action and George's future seems to be not installed, a study is possible. Only the teacher gazebo is first of all to the Two and becomes a friend for Barbara. Finally, the classmates show their solidarity with the couple.

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East Germany