Chiedo asilo (1979)

Chiedo asilo (1979)
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For the first time in a nursery school Head named a master of the male sex. Roberto, this is his name, is an excellent educator, which immediately sets a very good relationship with the children (who otherwise are very much appreciated by the unusual presence does not "maternal" in the body of the teacher), and with co-workers; however, its educational methods, rather unconventional, and inspired a great deal of freedom, they will have some problems with the guardians of the order. Roberto creates a relationship with Isabella, a single mother of his pupil Michael, and the woman finds herself once again pregnant; also binds to a special friendship with Gianluigi, a child affected by emotional and behavioural disorders, who cannot speak and is fed very little, and in recognition of this, it is removed from the asylum to be housed in a nursing home. In the following summer, Isabella, next to childbirth, it manifests the intention to move to Sardinia where he owns a cinema shed. Roberto, while not expressly invited him to follow her, accompanies her along with a group of children, including Gianluigi. In the days when Isabella gives birth to her second child, Gianluigi signs of healing.

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