Tendres cousines (1980)

Tendres cousines (1980) David Hamilton

Film adaptation of the book by Pascal Laine. June 1939. Julien, age fifteen, comes to spend his summer holidays in the country-estate of his parents. With them are a German scientist, professor Schöberg, and her daughter, Liselotte. Julien is in love with his cousin Julia, a little older than him, but ignores it. Charles, a young man of twenty years, made the court to Julia. Julien is doing all he can to woo his sweetheart, but this is Liselotte, who made him advances. It was then that the war broke out ; the men must leave for the army. Now there are a few less men, the young Julien becomes interesting for the women. Among other things, he tries to seduce the maid, but his mother prevents it. In the end, Julien and Julia can meet discreetly, and to live for the first time very romantic.

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France , West Germany

Tendres cousines (1980) David Hamilton